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Over 50 instructional videos from teachers, academics and learning professionals at the forefront of remote teaching and learning.

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An introduction to TOM – Teaching Online Masterclass

Priorities for Teacher Professional Development

Many teachers feel ill equipped to take their classes online. This video discusses the important role professional development plays in developing educators to teach online, and with a CTA to ed-tech, government and media.

Facing the Challenge of Inclusivity in Online Teaching

It's not easy making classes inclusive, whether it's face-to-face or online. Educator, Paula Prouse talks about the biggest challenges teachers face when making online classes more inclusive. She also talks about the framework...

Segmenting in Online Teaching

Educator Tara Walsh discusses how chunking or segementing can be used in online learning environments to help cognition.

Interactivity in Videos

Educator Steven Kolber discusses how interactive components within videos increases students engagement with the content.

Using the Buddy System in Online Teaching

Educator Michael Cohen discusses how implementing a check in buddy system and scheduling flexibility increases students engagement in online learning environments.