In this introductory section we’ll get an overview of online teaching and learning – and how it’s different to classroom instruction

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An introduction to TOM – Teaching Online Masterclass

Designing Online Learning Experiences

What are the elements of effective online courses? This section provides an overview of how educators can design impactful and effective experiences for their students

Pedagogical Strategies

In this section we’ll explore the pedagogy of effective online teaching and learning – including lots of big ideas on how students learn, as well as simple practical tips you can implement today.

Technology as a Tool

Effective online teaching and learning needs technology – so how can educators select the right tools and use them effectively?

Building Community

How can you build a community around your online teaching and learning practice – with other educators? And how can you extend that community to engage parents?

Digital Wellbeing

Online teaching and learning adds new stresses and complexities – so how can we ensure the social and emotional wellbeing of students, teachers and parents when teaching and learning online?


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Additional Resources

Teaching Online Masterclass Whitepaper: Taking Classes Online

Teaching Online Masterclass Whitepaper: Taking Classes Online

The aim of this whitepaper is to provide the education community practical ways to connect research and theory with practice. Drawing on a number of significant studies, both established and more recent, that focus on online pedagogy in K-12 online or distance...