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“… many of the teachers don’t have the skills to teach online. They all had technical training, like how to work the buttons and set up the system. But they haven’t had the pedagogical training: How do you teach your subject, like writing and reading, online?


That to me is the greater concern and the biggest need right now. Teachers will have to learn on the fly how to teach online, and there will be even greater discrepancy in the quality of instruction for students.


The Atlantic, April 2020

With as many as a billion young people having spent the Spring on lockdown around the world, millions of educators are having to quickly get to grips with teaching online. And with the new school year already here, the ‘new normal’ will likely include a more blended approach to teaching and learning at all levels.

TOM – short for “Teaching Online Masterclass” – is a free video course designed to help classroom teachers get to grips with online teaching and learning. The first 20+ course modules will be launched in advance of the new school year, providing practical approaches to online teaching, focusing on pedagogy over technology. It will consist of 20-25 bitesize video modules – combining expert instruction with high-impact graphics – supported by PDF resources and longer form video interviews and webinars. Beyond the initial release, we’ll continue to add further content aligned to specific subjects and grade levels over time.

Most importantly, TOM is completely free for teachers to use and share with colleagues.

Commercial Use

TOM is free for teachers to use and share with colleagues. However, if you would like to use TOM as a school or district-wide initiative – or for commercial purposes – you may need a commercial license.

If you’d like to explore options with us, or have any questions about how you can use TOM videos, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to discuss.